FAQ - Combined Heat and Power

What is combined heat and power (CHP)?
Combined heat and power is the simultaneous production of heat and power from a single fuel source. Rather than going to waste, heat generated by producing electricity is captured and utilized, removing the need for a separate heat source.

What are the benefits of CHP?
Using CHP will boost your profits by reducing your energy costs by up to 40 per cent. Combining CHP with other energy efficiency innovations can lead to even greater savings.

Are there environmental benefits?
The growing use of CHP is playing a key role in helping to reduce levels of CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. In some installations, the level of emissions has fallen by half.

I have an existing CHP can Heat and Power Services Ltd help?
Yes, we would be keen to work with any existing CHP installation. In the majority of cases, when we have taken over maintenance of an existing installation, we have been able to make substantial improvements to reliability and availability.

What benefits can you offer over my existing service provider?
We have an enviable record in improving the cost savings and efficiency of all the machines we work with. Since the inception of the company, through working in partnership with a major European Caterpillar dealer, we have established a strong maintenance infrastructure that allows us to offer extended service intervals and oil life, increased hours between major overhauls which in turn results in a longer service life. We also are able to offer competitively priced replacement parts.

How reliable is CHP?
Our oldest site is 14 years old and has accumulated 124,000 operating hours and is still operating reliably at it’s maximum operating output.

What is your performance guarantee?
In return for a long term maintenance contract we offer a guaranteed availability with financial penalties for non-performance.

What is the capital cost?
This is site dependent but typically the installation cost can be recovered within 3 years.

Can you remove H2S from Biogas?
We have 2 process Sulfurex (Chemical) and Biosulfurex (Biological) desulphurisation. For further information see our products page

What Levels of H2S can you treat?
With 25 years of experience in treating biogas we have plants ranging from 500ppm to 40,000ppm

Do you guarantee your processes?
With our experience and knowledge we can offer guarantees on chemical consumption and availability, for all biogas treatment products,

Can you upgrade biogas for grid injection or vehicle fuel?
Yes, to be able to utilise the biogas you need to strip out the H2S and CO2 to get Biomethane, we have 2 processes the Carborex MS (highly selective membranes) and Carborex PWS (pressurised water scrubbing). For further information see our products page.

What flow rates of biogas can you upgrade?
From 50m3 , the largest plant to date treats 2000m3/h in Holland