NHS Hospital in East Yorkshire

Case Study

This plant had a badly maintained Caterpillar engine with a history of poor savings and an extremely low level of reliability, which led to the system being out of commission for several months at a time.

Following a detailed analysis of the historical performance and availability of this unit, the engine was removed and totally rebuilt.
Significant improvements were made to the circulation of hot water and ventilation. The Toshiba programmable logic controller was replaced with one manufactured by Fenook and a versatile, up-to-date monitoring system with optional remote access was installed.

With these fundamental improvements in place we then benchmarked the quality of the continuing maintenance and followed of Heat & Power Services’ standard approaches to gaining maximum reliability and efficiency - the use of quality and innovative parts aligned to intensive 24h system monitoring. Back to Innovation
Note: For our primary performance measure “availability” we always choose the most challenging definition:

Formula associated with Combined Heat and Power Systems

With all these measures in place the refurbished combined heat and power plant availability* increased from 83% to 96%, representing a 15.7% improvement and an equivalent increase in fuel savings to the customer.