Saica Paper, Manchester - BioSulfurex


A newly built plant in Manchester, Saica Paper Mill is a large scale paper recycling factory with an effluent digester producing an average gas flow of 1120m3/hr. The site uses it's production of bio gas to fuel a 35MW Siemens CHP, which provides steam and electricity to the site. The bio gas H2S levels are initially too high (10000ppm) to be used by the CHP, so a DMT BioSulfurex was recommended due to the low operational costs associated with the plant. The BioSulfurex was able to take a max input of 10000ppm H2S and reduce it to <200ppm to allow it to be fed into the CHP.


The BioSulfurex was installed by two of our technicians under the supervision of a DMT project engineer. The vessel and the container was positioned at the site via crane.

DMT BioSulferex - DMT UK CHP plant CHP plant uses its production of biogas for fuel

After securing the vessel to the floor using chemical fixings, pipework was connected, the internal grating was installed and then was filled to overflow level to provide further stability.

image DMT BioSulferex - DMT UK

The next steps where to install the upper level safety rail and ladder assembly. This was performed via the use of cherry pickers and cranes. At one point adverse wind conditions caused a problem for safe working but we soon made up for lost time. After installing the ladder, the sample points was installed along the side of the tank and the main water supply to the spray nozzles was then fitted.

image image

The vessel was then filled with 180m3 of pall ring media which allows for bacteria growth and survival. Bags where offloaded two at a time via crane to the top of the tank where they was fed in through the main gas outlet... the bags came in 1m3 sizes which meant 90 trips - very time consuming!

image image

Next, the upper spray bar and nozzle assembly was fitted along with the main gas pipework (installed by Saica).

image image

With all pipework in position, the next task was to check the system for gas tightness. The system was pressurised to 120mb and pressure drop was monitored. The system held it's pressure and passed the test. The system was then filled completely with water for further leakage testing, no leaks recorded.


The plant was then commissioned, following the procedures and guidelines laid out by DMT and their commissioning team. The plant is now up and running and producing clean, quality bio gas for use in the sites CHP plant.