East riding council Deif control system

Case Study - CHP Plants

Heat and Power Services Ltd, an independent company specialising in the supply, installation and maintenance of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems have developed an enviable record for increasing the efficiency, reliability and energy savings for CHP plants. This ongoing success has resulted in a partnership with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to deliver these benefits to a number of their sites with CHP units.

Following initial discussions between DEIF and Heat and Power Services it soon became certain that the DEIF DM400 Gas Engine Controller would provide the platform needed to deliver the savings and benefits for these applications.

“The original CHP control systems were not user-friendly, with many of the parameters that would improve the operation or efficiency not accessible by the end user.” said Stuart Bennett, Managing Director of Heat and Power Services Ltd. “As the DEIF DM400 solution is so powerful and yet easy to operate, it allows us to adjust parameters to improve performance of the CHP and provides us with better monitoring which reduces operating and maintenance costs.”

The initial phase of the project required the retrofitting of the DEIF DM400-Gas Controller to three different CHP units ranging from more than 10 years old with the most recent installation being 4 years old. There were three different engine types, Ford, Mercedes and MAN and consequently each CHP unit was fitted with different equipment, had different electrical or thermal power outputs and each had different operating parameters.

The fact that each CHP was completely different was not an issue for the DEIF solution. The same configuration of DM400-Gas controller hardware was able to be used for each of the three CHPs, providing Heat and Power Services and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council with the benefits of having a single, familiar operating system.

A further benefit of using the same DM400-Gas hardware was that the time taken to physically remove the existing equipment and install the new DEIF solution, with standardised input and output connections, meant that the third installation was able to be reconfigured and commissioned in less than 5 working days.

The DM400-Gas Controller is able to provide so much more data for the integration of the CHP unit with the wider Building Management System (BMS) within each leisure centre than the original control systems. This provides the end user with the potential of additional operational benefits should they wish to fully integrate the performance of the CHP units into the overall BMS.

The benefits of the DM400 Gas Controller retrofit solution were proven within the first few weeks of operation with a representative of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council commenting that “The CHPs never seemed to run well before the retrofit project and we are delighted with the operation of the new system as the CHPs run constantly now.

This has reduced engineering call outs”

This immediate operational improvement has resulted in Heat and Power Services and East Riding of Yorkshire Council opening discussions to install the same solution on other CHP units within their fleet.