Biogas Upgrading

Carborex MS (Membrane Separation)

The Carborex® MS biogas upgrading system

The Carborex MS is a containerised, plug-and-play solution for upgrading biogas. No columns, no water and no chemicals are required. A simple compression step combined with a multi-stage membrane configuration purifies the biogas to produce up to 99 per cent biomethane. The biomethane subsequently can be used for grid injection or compressed to 250barg for use as vehicle fuel. The total methane recovery is, on average, 99.7 per cent. Methane emissions or methane slip remains lower than 0.5 per cent – guaranteed. The off gas can be upgraded to food grade CO2 with an optional liquefaction step. As far as economy is concerned, membrane technology is the best that industry has to offer with the lowest operating and investment cost and design guarantees as high as 98 per cent.

Membrane separation works due to the different permeability rates of different molecules as they pass down the length of the hollow porous fibres. Under high pressure, methane molecules (CH4) do not permeate through the wall of the polymer as quickly as the CO2 molecule do. The result is the separation of methane from carbon dioxide.

Biogas Upgrading solution - Carborex MS, DMT Biogas

Biogas Upgrading System by DMT Biogas

The Carborex MS shown below is the first commercial biomethane to grid plant in the UK, as of Jan 31st 2015 it has delivered over 6,000,000m3 of biomethane. The site is located at Poundbury, Dorchester, official opened by HRH Prince Charles in 2012. The plant has achieved a 0.5% methane slip consistently since commissioned.

Biogas Upgrading - Carborex MS, the first commercial biomethane to grid plant in the UK

Since the first install at Poundbury, Heat and Power Services has gone on to install another 4 plants. Please check our case study section for more detail on installed plants.