Ultrasonic Treatment

Ultrasonic Treatment

In 1995 established by the engineer Norbert Rossow as a planning office for renewable energies, the main activities of the company in the first years have been designing and engineering of biogas plants, solar energy and local heating grids.

In the last 20 years, the multi-disciplinary team was responsible for designing, planning and supervising of approx. 100 biogas plants, including commissioning and after-sales-service. There also exists long-year experience in operating of biogas plants.

Norbert Rossow and his team also developed a High-Performance-Digester, hydrolysis technologies and the Wave-Box to enhance the efficiency of biogas production.

The Wave-Box utilizes an ultrasound-based technology to disintegrate complex organic structures, making it available for the production of biomethane. This device now is running on several biogas plants, successful over more than 3 years.

Benefits Wave-Box: a wide range of effects
• Raising the concentration of methane in the biogas
• Increased gas production by 10%–20%
• Improved biological system stability
• Improved viscosity
• Reduction of the biogas plant's own-power consumption
• Ecological effects in the agricultural industry from the reduction of residual gas emissions during storage and application
• Increased plant availability in the soil
• Increasing the efficiency of existing biogas plants by reducing the amount of feedstock
• Reduction of wear on mechanical system parts and the improvement of the fuel gas properties of the biogas
• Lower maintenance costs, e.g. two-year cycle
• Continuous remote monitoring and optimisation by the manufacturer
- Biogas systems for existing and new plants
- Waste water treatment plants (suitable for aerobic or anaerobic systems)
- Waste treatment systems with anaerobic process stages

PRE Established: 1995
Qualification: Team of engineers of different disciplines, biologists, technicians
Core business: Optimization of biogas plants
Development of advanced technologies for efficiency enhancement
Construction and marketing of Wave-Box
Experience: Involvement in designing and engineering of over 100 biogas plants
Involvement in 10 successful r&d projects and in international patents
Scientific partners: ATB Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering
University of Rostock, Hamburg and Izmir, Turkey